Which platform(PS4, 3DS, Switch) should you buy Dragon Quest 11?

※This article is translated from Japanese version.

Dragon Quest 11 will be released on multiple platforms (PS4, 3DS, Nintendo Switch) as a different feature from the past.
So, in order to make it easy to understand which one we should buy, I would like to compare each one.

Features of each platform


First and foremost, graphics is beautiful as merit. Compared with 3DS etc., it is overwhelming by the power of hardware, how to draw and drawing luxury.
The character model is similar to Dragon Quest Heroes. It is wonderful to keep a nice touch feeling.


It is distinctive that you can freely move and enjoy a vast and graceful 3D map. It seems to be able to continue to jump to DQ 10. I think that it is especially recommended for those who want to enjoy the world themselves, because they are rich in walking along the walls, moving on monsters and horses, and other moving means.

It is also good that you can use features unique to PS4 . You can restart smoothly in standby mode, and if you have PSVita you can also enjoy the beautiful graphic world than the 3DS version even though it is mobile player play by remote play . Remote play of PS4 is currently compatible with Windows 10 PC, so even those who are busy with PC work can create an easy-to-play environment. Then there is a trophy entrapment factor, too, it is important element for people who like it.

However, the disadvantage is that price is fairly high compared to 3DS version . 8980 yen(about $80) for 3DS version for 5980 yen (about $50). The difference of 3000 yen is quite large.

Recommended people are the following people.

  • People who want to enjoy the vast 3D map adventure with beautiful graphics
  • People with PS4 environments

Here is PS4 version demo movie.(Japanese Version)


Next is 3DS version.

The merit here is that the price is cheap for PS 4 version, of course. 3000 yen is also profitable as mentioned above.
And The biggest advantage is that you can enjoy two game play modes!




As you can see, you can play old-fashioned 2D mode play, recent dragon-like style 3D mode play, choose whichever you like and play.

These two modes are it is possible to simultaneously play both modes at the beginning . A 3D mode is displayed on the upper screen, and a 2D mode is displayed on the lower screen. Both screens synchronize and reflect the operation when operated on other side. Even just this one, I’d like to get interested.

However, simultaneous play is truly the only pattern in the beginning. After all it was hard to do game design that both were simultaneously established. From a specific timing, you will choose to play 2D mode or 3D mode and you will be able to switch modes at church at any time.


In addition, it is merit that can make use of unique functions of 3DS. There are also elements of passing communication (only in Japan?). Also, as a matter of course, it’s a mobile, so can be played and interrupted anytime, anywhere , and it is still a pleasure to share the situation and show off at school and work with friends or colleagues.

As a disadvantage, it is that the picture is shabby compared with the PS 4 version.

In 3D mode, as with the PS4 version, there are jumps and vehicles, and there should be no major difference as a game play. However, it is no doubt that it is inferior to the creation of pictures and expressive power of motion and production.

Recommended people are the following people.

  • Elegant graphics are not very important.
  • Someone who likes old-fashioned 2D dot pictures.
  • People who think that it is beneficial to have two modes.
  • Someone who likes to play on portable devices.
  • People who show with everyone, communicate with each other, and want to exchange on site
  • Anyone who wants to play cheaply


Here is 3DS demo movie.(Japanese version)

Nintendo Switch

Details here are not announced as of August 2017. Rather it is announced that can not be announced due to adult circumstances. (Adult circumstances · · ·, Well 3DS version is difficult to sell, etc.)

Let’s do only simple prediction at present.

It seems to be based on the same graphic as PS 4 version for hard performance (In fact, the performance of Switch is inferior to PS 4, but Switch should do it.)

Then, as a feature of Switch, I think that it will be that you can enjoy the vast world of beautiful graphics whether it is a portable device or a deferred game. PS4 version said that remote play can be played by remote play, but as it is communication play a little lag will occur. Because it is not on a Switch, you will surely be able to play comfortable portable play.

Recommended people are the following people.

  • Person who wants comfortable play even with handheld device with beautiful graphics

Compare all together

Looking at the those features, I feel the following.

PS4 3DS Switch
Picture luxury best: The most beautiful, expressive rich bad: There is no latest beauty, but deformed or 2D goodness good: surely beautiful
Price and release date bad: 3000 yen higher best: cheapest bad: It is probably higher than 3DS and it is on sale late
Abundance of play good: Various play with rich 3D representation best: In addition to 3D mode 2D mode can also be played good: Probably same as PS4
Hard-specific function good: I have a trophy. Playable in various environments with environment good: Passing communication function and easy handiness due to portable device good: Seamless play is possible on both deferred and portable devices

So, we’ve compared Dragon Quest 11.

First of all, it will be a choice between PS 4 version and 3DS version. If it roughly appears, it means that it is the PS 4 version of the superb graphic and expressive power, or 3DS with cheapness and interesting features.

Personally, the point that “2D mode can be enjoyed” is a deciding factor, I think whether to make it 3DS version. If it is a good idea, you can think that the future version of the graphics will do a good version again.

It was a comparison of Dragon Quest 11.